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All About Kimmel Design

My name is Mike, and I'm an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. how can I help you?

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I earned my bachelors in Media Arts and Animation from the Illinois Institute of Art, Schaumburg back in 2003. Since then I've worked countless jobs doing design and illustration. I've design logos, brochures, t-shirts, ads, flyers, pamphlets, business cards, and other things you can hand people.


My passion is for creating great art and using my imagination to bring thoughts into reality.


If you are looking for a way to bring your business to the next level why not shoot me an e-mail. A new logo, or some colorful artwork could catch the eye of that elusive client. I can even edit together a video for you. I also to a ton of cosplay items using 3D printing and laser cutting.


 This site is a mix of business and fun. Check out the podcast page if you are into geek stuff like movies and games.

Have fun and try to remember not to take life too seriously. Enjoy your time while you're here. That goes for this site, and on this planet.

Mike Kimmel


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